Love is Love

In honor of Pride Month, we want to celebrate musicians and pianists who are proudly a part of and supporting the LGBTQ community! To help spread the love, we are sharing some of our favorite artists, below.

First we’d like to highlight the incredibly talented singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer, Elton John! Elton John has never been afraid to show who he is, even in the hardest of times. Below is the amazing performance of “Rocket Man” on his “Million Dollar Piano” tour.

Next up, we want to highlight Sam Smith who is not only an extremely talented singer-songwriter but also a proud member of the LGBTQ community. He is known for his songs portraying the beauty, pain and emotions surrounding love and is the winner of 4 Grammy Awards for his music. Check out one of our favorite performances from him below!


Last but certainly not least, Lady Gaga is also one of the biggest supporters and inspirations for the LGBTQ community! She has released numerous songs and received an abundance of awards for helping people express themselves in a positive way. She speaks out for the community and

supports numerous movements for the efforts towards equal rights. Below please enjoy Lady Gaga’s beautiful piano version of her hit song “Born This Way”


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