How Renting a Piano Works

All it takes is a few simple steps to rent from PianoPiano. But if you’d prefer someone walk you through the process and answer questions along the way, just call or visit our showroom and we’ll help you find the right piano at the right price.

PianoPiano Rental Plans

Renting a piano is as easy as do-re-mi

Silhouette illustration of a man seated at a grand piano

1. Find a Piano

Browse our grand, upright, and silent pianos for rent. Exchange your rental at any time for another piano. Buy your piano if you’d like!

Graphic of a calendar with a Piano on it representing a rental period

2. Select a Plan

Choose from a short- or long-term rental plan that fits your needs. We guarantee your rate will never change for the length of your rental.

Two workers moving a piano (illustration)

3. Logistics

Pianos require an experienced delivery team to ensure a proper setup. We’ll plan for entry sizes, stairs, and other considerations.

Graphic of a piano on the back of a truck being delivered

4. Checkout

Sit back and relax! Your piano is on it’s way. You’ll receive information about delivery, initial tuning, and maintenance so you are prepared.

Person seated at an upright piano playing, a cat is on top of the piano

Perfect Piano Quiz

Take our quick quiz for some help narrowing down your piano rental choices.

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Who is playing the piano?

Featured Pianos

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