How It Works

How piano rental works. Renting provides the perfect path to success with the piano. You choose from the largest selection of pianos anywhere. You decide when and how long you’ll rent.

Pick your perfect piano

Pick your piano online or in our showroom and choose from a selection of quality grand, upright, digital and silent pianos.

Payment plan of your choice

Choose to rent for 6 or 12 months and whether to pay upfront or every month. Your frst payment includes frst month rental fee, delivery, return and your frst in-home tuning.

Place order online

Place your order online! We’ll contact you to arrange a convenient time for delivery. You can always visit us at: 244 West 54th Street 5th Floor New York NY 10019 and try the pianos.

Delivery & Setup

Getting a piano in your home, apartment or event space can seem like a bit of a task. It’s not. It’s what we do. Our experienced teams will deliver and set-up your piano exactly where you want it. And then we’ll tune it perfectly to the acoustics of your space.

Customer control

You choose how long you want to rent. Use frst 12 months of your rental towards purchasing your piano.

Rental puts you in driver seat

You can always keep renting your piano or exchange it or buy it. You can always get help with teaching, tuning, or moving.

Featured Pianos

  • Ebony Polish

  • Mahogany Brown

Avery Bond 43" Continental Deluxe Piano Rent from $62.50 month

A great looking professional piano designed for small spaces. Its rich tone and delicate touch are for both beginners and advanced players.

Dimensions: 43″ High x 24″ Deep x 60″ Wide

  • Ebony Polish

  • White Polish

Weber 5' Baby Grand Piano Rent from $215.00 month

Weber Baby Grand 4′ 11″. An extremely popular model Baby Grand. No surprise here, as it’s the new Del Fandrich design, featuring the famous “floating soundboard” for enhanced bass response. Rich, full tones, responsive touch and great for space limitation.

  • Ebony Polish

Yamaha U1
48" Upright Piano
Rent from $110.00 month

Yamaha U1 Upright Piano. Yamaha’s best selling upright model. Designed for the experienced pianist and professional musician this upright piano has outstanding tone, touch and durability. 

Dimensions: 48″ High x 26″ Deep x 60″ Wide

  • Ebony Polish

  • Mahogany Brown Polish

  • Mahogany Red Polish

Young Chang 5'9" Professional Grand Piano Rent from $255.00 month

Young Chang Professional Grand 5’9″. Big, clear tones are a hallmark of Young Chang Pianos. The Professional Grand series adds strong depth to the dynamic range of musical expression and is highly responsive to touch.