Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions customers ask us. If you don't see the information you need, please contact us!

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Some companies provide only used pianos in questionable condition or low priced (and low quality) “starter” pianos for rentals. PianoPiano will only rent professional, high quality pianos—either new or like new. We don’t carry lower quality pianos and we don’t think anyone should have to put up with a sub-standard piano. Ever.

Some companies require you to return the piano (or buy it) at the end of the rental period. Sometimes they may give you one extension, but sooner or later, they will insist that you make up your mind to buy or return the piano. PianoPiano will rent for as many months (or years) as you wish. We’ll never pressure you to buy or return the piano while you’re renting.

Some companies will apply only the frst three or six months fees toward a purchase that must be made by the end of your initial rental period. PianoPiano credits 100% of your monthly payments for the whole frst year of your rental. You may apply your rental credit anytime during your rental for as long as it lasts

Most piano stores offer a fve-year warranty. PianoPiano offers a ten-year warranty. That’s how confdent we are in our pianos. That’s how confdent we want you to feel. Especially, if you decide to buy, because you’ll want (and deserve) expert service over a long period. PianoPiano will only rent pianos that are superbly maintained by experienced and professional piano tuners and technicians.

PianoPiano guarantees the lowest comparable rental cost anywhere, and the lowest purchase price (if you decide to buy) anywhere. Period. End of story.

Actually, we insist on it. PianoPiano includes our superb service and maintenance as part of its rental plan. We want you to have a rewarding playing experience for as long as you rent.

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