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A piano is not just a strong visual statement. It’s also an expression of elegance, refinement, and warmth that can help bring a powerful first impression when staging a home for sale or creating just the right vibe wherever you’d like.

Create a lasting impression with the perfect piano rental

At PianoPiano, we make it easy for stagers to rent the perfect size and style piano they need. Whether it’s a full concert grand, baby grand, or a stylish upright, we have over 600 pianos in a range of styles and finishes so you can create the mood you want. For example, a grand piano is always elegant and really shows the scale of the room while an upright is perfect for creating that cozy family feeling.

Choose from our online inventory or give us a call so we can talk through your timing, space, and décor requirements and decide on the perfect piano together.

• Discount pricing for real estate and staging professionals
• 48-hour scheduled delivery within 100 miles of NYC
• Delivery from Hartford, CT to Washington DC
• Flexible terms of days or months that fit your timeline

For more information about staging rentals,
please give us a call at 212-586-9057 or email

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Most Popular Piano Models For Staging

  • Ebony

  • Mahogany Brown

Avery Bond 43" Continental Deluxe Piano Rent from $62.50 month

A great looking professional piano designed for small spaces, this Deluxe Upright’s rich tone and delicate touch are ideal for both beginners and advanced players.

Also available in a silent version here

Dimensions: 43″ High x 24″ Deep x 60″ Wide

  • Ebony

  • Mahogany Brown

  • White

Weber 48" Professional Upright Piano Ibach Scale Design Rent from $105.00 month

The #1 choice for conservatory students, this model has a heavy action perfect for practicing for competitions or recitals. The Ibach scale design delivers rich, complex tones.

Also available in a silent version here.

Piano Dimensions: 48″ High x 26″ Deep x 60″ Wide

  • Ebony

  • Mahogany Brown

  • Mahogany Red

  • Walnut

  • White

Young Chang 5' Baby Grand Piano Rent from $225.00 month

Available in an array of colors to suit your space, this Baby Grand has a light, clean tone and is a great option for any skill level looking for a classic piano at an exceptional price.

57″ Wide x 4’11” Long x 40″ High (Lid Closed)