You understand that (i) this form is only a request for a piano rental and that (ii) by submitting this form and requesting a piano rental, you will be required to enter into a contract, which shall be provided to you by PianoPiano and shall contain the terms and conditions of the piano rental, prior to delivery of the piano to be rented. 
PianoPiano shall have no obligation to rent a piano to you either due to your submission of this form or if you fail to provide a duly executed contract for such rental, may reject any piano rental request for any reason and shall assume no liability for any such rejection.  You shall have no obligation to rent a piano from PianoPiano solely due to your submission of this form.
By submitting this form, you are required to submit certain initial payments; provided that, if, upon receiving a contract for the requested piano rental, you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions contained therein, you may, within 5 business days of receiving such contract, notify PianoPiano thereof and such payments will be refunded to you in full.  No payment will be refunded after such 5 business day window.  If delivery conditions are not as described in this form or if a different piano is selected for rental at the time of the contract, PianoPiano reserves the right to charge payments in addition to the initial payment made at the time you submit this form and no such additional payments or any part thereof shall be refundable.