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At PianoPiano, every piano we offer is hand selected from the world’s most notable and trusted brands.

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Avery Bond New York Piano Keyboard

Avery Bond

Since 1979, PianoPiano’s Founder has been making almost-annual trips to Asia, visiting piano factories from Japan to China to Korea and beyond. Through his travels to over 45 piano manufacturers, he found a piano company to manufacture pianos for us, exactly the way we want them—with the right materials, in the perfect cabinetry, to our ideal touch and tone—all at the right price! Avery Bond was designed to be as versatile as it is practical. Ideal for beginners, teachers and performers, our signature pianos are beautiful and will fit almost any space, at a surprisingly affordable price.


Founded in Germany in 1852, Weber has always been a quality brand designed for creating great music. Weber’s high standards have kept consistent over the years, even as their manufacturing facilities moved to the United States—and now to one of the most modern piano factories in the world in China.

Weber piano lid with logo
Yamaha Piano Keyboard


One of the most famous piano companies in the world, Yamaha was founded in Japan in 1887. All of our Yamaha pianos are purchased in Japan and lovingly restored by hand to make them even better than today’s new Yamaha pianos, which no longer use the Alaskan Sitka Spruce they were originally crafted with.

Young Chang

Founded by Yamaha in the 1930s, Young Chang emerged into its worldwide popularity in the 1950s and is now the third largest piano manufacturer in the world. Chosen as the official piano of the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center, Young Chang is our favorite brand for a professional level piano that will grow with any student from a beginning player to a world class professional.

Young Chang piano nameplate
Kawai Piano Nameplate


Shigeru Kawai thought he knew a better way to build a piano, but his employer, the Yamaha Corporation, wouldn’t let him try. So, he went across the street and opened his own factory, starting one of the biggest rivalries in piano history. At PianoPiano, we feature one Kawai model which is the 43” Continental Console piano, a great option for those with a small space or who live in a walk up apartment.

Albert Weber

Founded in Germany in the 1800s, the legendary Weber history has always been one of high quality tradition designed for serious classical music. The famous and exclusive Weber Scale Design has never been compromised as Weber moved its manufacturing facilities from Germany to the United States then to South Korea and now to one of the most modern piano factories in the world in China. Weber offers two series of models: the beloved standard Weber uprights and usual sized grands, and the superb Albert Weber Masterpiece uprights and grand pianos featuring Renner actions.

Albert Weber Piano Nameplate
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