When you partner with PianoPiano, you’ll get unique perks including:


  • Free monthly recitals in one of our three Midtown Manhattan recital halls—improve student enthusiasm by providing multiple performance opportunities throughout the year at no cost to you or the student
  • Increased student retention—students with a real piano in the home are more likely to continue their lessons year after year
  • Attract more students—make it easy for students to begin lessons by offering an affordable and flexible way for them to have a real acoustic piano
  • Expand your own studio with discounted piano rentals for our partners
  • Keep students and their parents engaged by having them learning and practicing on a real professional piano
  • Easily share information with your students on our dedicated landing page which features your recommended pianos
  • $50 reward for each student that rents a piano—your student can also use this towards their rental
  • Unique code that your students can use to rent online, by phone or in our showroom, and get their first month free!
  • Hassle free rental process—rentals can be completed online or through the phone/email
  • Opportunities for free dedicated recitals in our midtown Manhattan recital space
Your students will get the most affordable and flexible ways to learn and practice on a real acoustic piano, including:


  • Piano rentals as low as $38 per month on New York’s largest and best collection of pianos, including brands like including Yamaha, Weber, Young Chang, Kawai, Avery Bond and more
  • A free month of renting with your unique code
  • Opportunities to present their performance skills in our free monthly recitals


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