Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of the supportive and amazing father’s out there! At PianoPiano, we want to highlight some special moments that people have shared with their fathers through the joy of music and playing the piano.

First on our list is John Legend, who is not only a talented pianist and musician but also a father to two beautiful children. Legend shares his love for music with both children and has been captured teaching them music since they were one year old. Check out some of our favorite heart-warming moments, below.


Next, we want to highlight one of the world’s most famous musicians, Billy Joel. The “Piano Man” singer, has been playing the piano for many years, and has even taken a job as a pianist in a small piano bar early on in his career. Joel’s father, Howard, was a classical pianist and businessman as Joel was growing up, where his love of music began. They shared a video below of a very sentimental moment of their father and son piano duet on stage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kjvx1WN9-Q0

Last by not least, we’re highlighting the incredibly talented, Bob Dylan. His piano career started out when his father, Abe bought a piano for Bob and his brother. Soon after, around the age of 10, he had taught himself how to play the piano. I guess we can thank Bob Dylan’s father for the song “Piano Mood” and the amazing musician Dylan is today. See the amazing piano skill he portrayed in the video below.


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