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PianoPiano has been involved with Yamaha Pianos since 1975 and watched Yamaha grow into one of the largest and best-known piano companies in the world. But, like everything else, Yamaha Piano prices have skyrocketed, more than doubling. For example, Yamaha's famous model U1 upright piano now sells for $10,949.00!  And a Yamaha Grand that used to sell for $3,500.00 is now $14,499.00!

Over the years, Yamaha has done everything they can to maintain their high quality by using the best raw materials and by making sure their employees are highly trained to do masterpiece work. The famous U1 is as carefully made as it was 40 years ago, but the cost of making pianos by hand in Japan with the best raw materials (always imported from other countries at huge expense) have driven prices higher and higher.

There is good news! But first you need to know two things about all pianos:

      1. All honest and good pianos are made only from natural raw materials, including 21 species of wood along with steel and copper wire, felt, cast iron, and leather. The piano was invented more than 300 years ago and piano technology has not been improved or changed since 1921.

       2. A piano can and should last 100 Years or more.  All it takes is normal maintenance once or twice a year.

Because of these two facts, several former employees of Yamaha saw an opportunity to buy gently used Yamaha pianos, restore them to like-new condition, and market them.  They had the knowledge and skill to make these "Renewed" pianos superb using the highest quality components and skilled labor and soon turned their idea into a huge success.

This is where PianoPiano comes into the picture. For the past 12 years, we have been importing these same Yamaha pianos for use in the US.  They are high quality pianos with an unbeatable value.  Professionals and piano teachers constantly request these pianos for rental and purchase.  And all come with PianoPiano’s standard 5 Year Warranty. We'll deliver the piano to your home, set it up exactly as you like it and send one of our piano technicians to make sure it sounds perfect. Having a Yamaha piano has never been easier.

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