Piano Tuning Plan

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Save $50 per tuning by adding it onto your rental.  To make sure your rental piano is sounding its best, you’ll need to tune your piano at least every six months. Our regular tuning price in Manhattan is $175 – by making monthly payments of just $25 per month, you’ll pay only $125 per tuning, a savings of $50. Terms apply.

Flexibility throughout your rental

silhouette of a piano player at a rental grand piano

Keep Jammin'
and continue your rental at the same monthly price for as long as you would like.

Crying face illustrating sad person who has returned their rental piano

Return anytime
and immediately regret the decision

Silhouette of an upright piano and grand piano with arrows representing exchanging them

Exchange your Piano
at anytime for any other available model you'd like to try.

Silhouette of a piano player at an upright piano with a cat sitting on top

Buy your Piano
at the price guaranteed when you rented, or a different piano of equal or greater value. Then subtract the first year of rent you have already paid.

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