Rent-to-Own (Now or Anytime)

When you rent from PianoPiano we want you to get exactly the right piano at the best price, and that is what we guarantee with every piano we rent.No matter how long you have it.

The monthly rental fee you start with is guaranteed never to go up and if you ever decide to buy, the price will never go up, and is guaranteed to be the lowest price anywhere!

Rent for as long as you like. You decide if and when you want to buy whether it be after a month, a year, ten years or never! Get to know and love your piano (or try a few different ones) before making any decisions.

  1. Long term rental option: You can rent for as long as you like…we will never ask you to buy and your monthly rental price will never go up.
  2. Rent to Own Option: You can decide to buy the piano you are renting at any time. The purchase price is locked in at the time you rent, is guaranteed to be the lowest anywhere and will never go up.Deduct the first 12 months of your rental payments from the pianos price! You can also use your 12 month rental credit towards any other piano we have of equal or greater value. Take 12 to 18 months to pay the balance at 0% interest and pay directly to us – never deal with banks or finance companies.
    For Example:

    Rent a Young Chang 48” upright for $85.50 per month and after 12 months you’ve earned a rental credit of $1026.00. Use this credit to purchase your piano or any piano we have of equal or greater value!
  3. Piano Exchange Option: You can exchange the piano you are renting for any other piano we have and continue to rent for as long as you like. Moving to a bigger or smaller home? Kids ready to graduate to a grand piano? Redecorating the living room? Just want to try something different? No problem, exchange for a different model any time you want and as often as you want. You never have to feel “stuck” with your piano!
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