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  • Cherry Satin (1)

  • Ebony Polish (3)
    Ebony Polish

  • Ebony Satin (1)

  • Mahogany Brown Polish (2)

  • Mahogany Red Polish (1)

  • Walnut Satin (1)

  • White Polish (1)


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  • Ebony Polish

  • Mahogany Brown Polish

Young Chang 45" Studio Upright Piano(Sale) Rent from $77.50 month

Perfect for beginning students –A bright tone is easier on the ears and a light action means little fingers won’t have trouble pressing down the keys.  The 45” size is the perfect proportion for a younger student and the piano won’t be as loud in your home.  Need complete silence while the little ones practice? Check out our selection of silent pianos here.

Dimensions: 45″ High x 24″ Deep x 60″ Wide

  • Ebony Polish

  • Ebony Satin

  • Mahogany Brown Polish

  • Mahogany Red Polish

  • White Polish

Weber 45" Studio Upright Piano Rent from $96.00 month

Weber Studio Upright Piano 45″. This is the top-of-the-line full rehearsal piano. And it’s our most popular, too. Exceptional tonal quality and evenness of touch and sound throughout the entire range of the keyboard. The unique floating soundboard and direct coupled bass bridge allows for superior bass response than most other larger pianos.

Dimensions: 45″ High x 26″ Deep x 60″ Wide

  • Cherry Satin

  • Ebony Polish

  • Walnut Satin

Samick 45" Classic Studio Rent from $43.00 month

Samick Upright Piano 45″. A great entry piano for beginners and for teachers with young learners. Light, easy touch and a strong even scale.