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  • Walnut Polish (1)

  • Bubinga (1)

  • Cherry Satin (2)

  • Ebony (25)
    Ebony Polish

  • Ebony Satin (4)

  • Ebony with Nickel Trim (2)

  • Mahogany Brown (9)

  • Mahogany Brown (1)

  • Mahogany Red (7)

  • Walnut (2)

  • White (5)

  • White with Nickel Trim (1)


Per Page
  • Ebony

Yamaha U3
52" SILENT Professional Upright Piano
Rent from $285.00 month

Designed for more experienced and professional pianists, this model features outstanding tone, touch and durability and the option for silent play.

What is a Silent Piano?
A silent piano is an acoustic piano with an option to silence the strings by stopping the hammers from striking them. A silent piano is designed for private silent practice by using headphones without disturbing the neighbors.

  • Ebony

  • Mahogany Brown

  • Mahogany Red

Young Chang 5'9" Professional Grand Piano Rent from $255.00 month


In true Young Chang fashion, this Professional Grand delivers big, clear tones, is highly responsive to touch and comes in a variety of beautiful colors to complement any space.