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  • Bubinga (1)

  • Ebony (3)
    Ebony Polish

  • Ebony Satin (2)

  • Mahogany Brown (1)

  • Mahogany Red (1)

  • Walnut (1)


Per Page
  • Ebony

Young Chang 6'1" Professional Grand Piano Rent from $295.00 month

Featuring top-quality materials and craftsmanship, this grand features evenness of tone throughout the entire range including the transition from bass to tenor.

  • Ebony

  • Ebony Satin

  • Walnut

Weber 5'9" Professional Grand Piano Rent from $275.00 month

This Weber uses a lower tension scale to deliver warm, rich tones and features the famous Del Fandrich “floating soundboard” for enhanced bass response.

  • Bubinga

Albert Weber 6'1" Premium Grand Piano - Bubinga Finish Rent from $395.00 month

This piano has a rich mellow tone and a Renner action (the same action Steinway uses). The finish is a specialty wood and would look amazing in any home. This is a high-end luxury piano.

  • Ebony

  • Mahogany Brown

  • Mahogany Red

Young Chang 5'9" Professional Grand Piano Rent from $255.00 month

In true Young Chang fashion, this Professional Grand delivers big, clear tones, is highly responsive to touch and comes in a variety of beautiful colors to complement any space.