Happy Pride Month!

How well do you know LGBTQ+ pianists and artists? Let’s find out!
Check out these trivia questions, and scroll to the bottom of this email to see if your answers are correct!

Happy Pride from PianoPiano

1. How did Lady Gaga learn to play the piano?

a. By ear

b. With a family member

c. Through an instructor

2. Elton John's real name is Kenneth Reginald Dwight - how did Elton come up with his stage moniker?

a. By reading the name in a music history book

b. Inspired by his favorite singers

c. Through his bandmates

3. What LGBTQ+ pianist wrote an opera about Alfred Hitchcock’s film, Marnie, premiering at the Met?

a. Our Lady J

b. Nico Muhly

c. John Cage

4. Pianist and composer Jennifer Higdon won her 2009 Grammy for what work?

a. Violin Concerto

b. Splendid Wood

c. Percussion Concerto

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