Pianos You'll Love

For over 40 years, the piano brands we represent are based on two criteria: quality and value. That’s it. Every one of our pianos offers high quality craftsmanship, a rich variety of tonal ranges and responsive touch to suit even the most discriminating fingers.

As the largest piano rental company on the East Coast, we are the direct distributor for each of our manufacturers, assuring you of the finest pianos at the absolute lowest price when you rent or if you decide to buy.

We offer a full range of piano styles and models to choose from, including Upright, Baby Grand, Grand, Digital, and the very apartment friendly Silent Pianos.

Featured Brands

pianopiano_weber_largeFeatures a low tension scale for deep mellow sound with singing treble and luscious overtones. Perfect for voice and classical music. Weber keyboards offer a sensitive, responsive touch to achieve a wide range of expression.

Piano Piano - Young Chang Rentals and SalesBacked by the resources of the Hyundai Group, Young Chang has earned a stellar reputation for being the most advanced piano maker in the world. Acknowledged for their design and highest quality raw materials and workmanship, they also offer pricing that makes Young Chang pianos an extraordinary value. The instruments feature a high tension scale for big clear sound that carries well. The keyboard has a light touch and quick, responsive action to accommodate both easier and as well as more aggressive playing. A strong complement for modern music and groups.

Piano Piano - Hardman Peck & Co Rentals and SalesA well loved and famous New York piano, and the choice of Enrico Caruso and the Metropolitan Opera. PianoPiano has been offering Hardman, Peck & Co. pianos since 1973. They are designed for both individual and commercial playing and are very popular with piano teachers and students because of their highly responsive piano keyboards that make early piano players’ practice sessions rewarding.

pianopiano_samick_largeSamick Pianos are known and appreciated for their medium and small size upright piano models (Consoles and Studios).  They present clear, singing tones, very good touch and strong design. An excellent choice for long-term use with minimum maintenance costs. We offer these models exclusively for homes and small spaces—and they are all genuinely affordable


Piano Piano - Yamaha Rentals and SalesKnown all over the world, Yamaha became famous in the USA during the 1970s because of their high quality and low pricing. They continue to be excellent pianos, especially the Upright and Grand Pianos made in the original factory in Hamamatsu, Japan. Recently, Yamaha piano prices have increased dramatically. However, PianoPiano has a terrific solution by providing excellent, fully restored Yamaha Pianos (restored in Japan and like new when we receive them—and with a ten-year warranty). And, remarkably, at half the price of a new Yamaha.

pianopiano_kurzweil_largeThere is a reason the only digital piano we offer is made by Kurzweil. They are far and away the best digital pianos you can play. The world famous Ray Kurzweil Piano Chip makes the most realistic piano sound of any digital piano. Available in five models, from portable to grand piano. If you require a digital piano, the Kurzweil is the only true choice.