We make it easy to play

Since 1975, we’ve rented over 30 brands of fine pianos, always at low prices and with excellent service and always, ALWAYS making sure that our clients are satisfied.

Children sitting at a piano smiling

We make it easy to rent a piano from us without leaving your laptop. But know that you have an open invitation to visit us anytime at the PianoPiano showroom.

For many, playing the piano is a significant commitment. That’s why we do everything we can to make it easy to play. From value-minded piano rental plans, to no-worry delivery and set-up, to providing rehearsal and recital space. And we offer more than great pianos to play. We have the resources to connect players and teachers, support events and provide services that all play a part in contributing to a more fulfilling music experience.

  • Located in the heart of Manhattan, just blocks away from Carnegie Hall, PianoPiano is easy to find.
  • At PianoPiano you will always find the lowest prices anywhere. There’s no secret to how we do it: we keep our costs low so we can keep your costs low.


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