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PianoPiano is New York’s #1 Piano Rental Source – and now we’re offering piano rentals in Southern California. We proudly offer quality home piano rentals with plans tailored to your needs, as well as event rentals, real estate staging, and more.

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Flexible Plans

You can rent short or long-term, and buy at any time!

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Reasonable Rates

Guaranteed pricing with rates starting at $48 per month.

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Wide Selection

Top-tier brands you can exchange as many times as you want.

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Find your piano

Choose from our wide selection of upright, grand, and silent pianos, or take our Perfect Piano Quiz if you aren’t sure where to start.

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Perfect Piano Quiz

Take our quick quiz for some help narrowing down your piano rental choices.

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Who is playing the piano?

How Piano Rental Works

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Find a Piano

Browse our grand, upright, and silent pianos for rent. Exchange your rental at any time for another piano. Buy your piano if you’d like!

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Select a Plan

Choose from a short- or long-term rental plan that fits your needs. We guarantee your rate will never change for the length of your rental.

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Pianos require an experienced delivery team to ensure a proper setup. We’ll plan for entry sizes, stairs, and other considerations.

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Sit back and relax! Your piano is on it’s way. You’ll receive information about delivery, initial tuning, and maintenance so you are prepared.

Some kind words from our patrons

Ash Reifler
6 months ago
We are a staging company in New York City and we have used Piano Piano's services many times to enhance our larger properties and create...
Anna Muslimova
4 years ago
I haven’t visited the store but I did get my kids a gorgeous little practice piano within one week after making the decision. The process...
4 years ago
I rented from PianoPiano for 3.5 years and had a very positive experience throughout that time. They were very upfront about the contract and terms...
Yulia Mendez
2 years ago
Phenomenal service! Finding the right piano for my son has been such an overwhelming process (buying new - expensive!, used - risky as you really...
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