Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing women out there who embody love, kindness and support! At PianoPiano we are celebrating by highlighting some of our favorite heartwarming stories surrounding the piano and the magic it can bring to families.

First up on our list goes to artist Alicia Keys, who not only plays the piano herself but has passed on this amazing talent to her son Egypt. She shares videos of the two of them playing together and has expressed the joy it brings her to create music together.

Next on our list goes Peggy Rowe, and the article she shared in the Baltimore Sun, thanking her mother for forcing her to take Piano lessons as a child. She has carried on the gift of music from childhood and has passed it on to her grandchildren who now also experience the joy of playing.


Last on our list to celebrate Mother’s Day, is a stunning performance by a young and talented girl playing the piano and singing “What a Wonderful World”. We hope you listen and enjoy the magic that is music.


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