Keys To The City


November 4, 2018


“Flow Key is an app that can give your little piano lessons for FREE. Yup, it’s a free download and makes learning the piano feel easy. In my eyes, this was a win-win. We could have a Piano Piano Piano in our home, download the app and the whole family can learn to play. Talk about money saving! I’m all about finding ways to budget. For about $80 a month everyone in your home can take piano lessons. Talk about a great way to bond a family.”

“PianoPiano rents pianos so that families do not have to commit to buying a piano. If you’ve committed to piano lessons for your little Mozart, chances are you’ve thought about the need for a piano at home but have been scared off when you realized how much they cost. PianoPiano takes that fear away.”

An amazing article and testimonial, written by Justabxmom! We’re excited about her whole family finding their #KeysToTheCity.

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