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pianopiano_weber_largeFounded by Yamaha in the 1930s, Young Chang emerged into its own worldwide popularity in the 1950s. The brand’s bright clear projection and light-easy action encourage young piano students as they learn and stage performers alike with durable construction and high tension scale. Chosen as the official piano of the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center, Young Chang is our favorite brand for a professional level piano that will grow with any student from a beginning player to a world class professional. Now imported by our friends in Anaheim, California, you can’t go wrong with a Young Chang piano.

pianopiano_weber_largeAlways known as a New York Piano, Hardman is now made in China and imported by our friends in Upstate New York. Today’s Hardmans are good quality, well priced, and absolutely musically pleasing to play for beginner students and advanced players alike. They hold up well, tune easily and are recommended regularly by some piano teachers for starting students because of their bright tone and easy (light) action.

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