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  • Ebony Polish (5)
    Ebony Polish

  • Ebony Satin (2)

  • Mahogany Brown Polish (3)

  • Mahogany Red Polish (3)

  • Walnut Polish (3)


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Weber 6'1" Professional Grand Piano Rent from $285.00 month

Weber Professional Grand Piano 6’1″. Weber Grand Pianos were used at the turn of the century at the Metropolitan Opera because of their warm and rich tone. Their modern Grand pianos have the all the same quality features along with the new Del Fandrich designs and innovations.

Weber 5'9" Professional Grand Piano Rent from $275.00 month

Weber Professional Grand 5′ 9″. Designed by Del Fandrich, Weber pianos use a lower tension scale along with the cold pressed hammers to give them a warm rich tone. The floating soundboard and direct coupled bass bridge enhances the bass response even in the smallest grands.

Young Chang 5'9" Professional Grand Piano Rent from $255.00 month

Young Chang Professional Grand 5’9″. Big, clear tones are a hallmark of Young Chang Pianos. The Professional Grand series adds strong depth to the dynamic range of musical expression and is highly responsive to touch.