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  • Ebony Polish (7)
    Ebony Polish

  • Ebony Polish with Nickel Trim (1)

  • Ebony Satin (4)

  • Mahogany Brown Polish (2)

  • Mahogany Red Polish (2)

  • Walnut Satin (1)

  • White Polish (1)


Per Page
Continental Console Piano $685.00

Weber Continental Console 44″. Designed for space limitations, yet this piano retains the famous Weber rich tone and responsive touch.

Young Chang School /Rehearsal Studio Piano $745.00

Young Chang Institutional Studio 46″. Music educators appreciate the bright, strong tonal range and the easy and expressive touch. The Young Chang Institutional Studio piano is also quite durable.

Weber Professional Upright Piano $845.00

Weber Professional Upright Piano 48″. The Weber Professional Upright is the #1 choice for conservatories. It will hold its tune longer in the varied changes in humidity while delivering rich, complex tones. Touch is both responsive and delicate.

Weber Studio Upright Piano $725.00

Weber Studio Upright Piano 45″. This is the top-of-the-line full rehearsal piano. And it’s our most popular, too. Exceptional tonal quality and evenness of touch and sound throughout the entire range of the keyboard. The unique floating soundboard and direct coupled bass bridge allows for superior bass response than most other larger pianos.

Weber Professional Upright Piano $925.00

Weber Professional Upright Piano 52″. This piano is the closest to a Grand an Upright can sound. Big, beautiful tone and a strong stage presence. All Weber Vertical Pianos use AAA solid spruce soundboards with superior actions and Cold Formed Platinum Blue hammer felt to ensure the finest tone and response.