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A well loved and famous New York piano, and the choice of Enrico Caruso and the Metropolitan Opera. PianoPiano has been offering Hardman, Peck & Co. piano rentals since 1973. They are designed for both individual and commercial playing and are very popular with piano teachers and students because of their highly responsive piano keyboards that make early piano players’ practice sessions rewarding.

  • Ebony Polish

Hardman 4'8" Petite Grand Piano Rent from $125.00 month

Hardman & Peck Petite Grand Spade Leg 4′ 8″. The smallest Baby Grand delivers big, classical sound and a delicate touch. Perfect for space limitations and a terrific value.

  • Ebony Polish

Hardman 43" Continental Console Piano Rent from $45.00 month

Hardman, Peck Concert Console Piano. Music educators appreciate the clear, sweet tone and highly responsive and sensitive touch. And, of course, it’s a very durable piano.

Dimensions: 43″ High x 24″ Deep x 60″ Wide

  • Ebony Polish

Hardman 44" Studio Console Series Rent from $45.00 month

Hardman, Peck Studio Console 44″. This is a hard working piano. Teachers love its durability, yet it plays with a delicate touch and delivers a clean, bright tonal spectrum.