Certified Played In Piano Rentals

For over 40 years PianoPiano has been providing our famous pianos (we call them “CPI”s) to world famous music venues. You can find the CPI piano you’ve dreamed of, in beautiful condition and “PLAYED IN” ready for you, after being completely renewed and prepared for years more of fulfilling use.

 When you rent a Certified Played In™ piano, you get a beautiful piano at an amazingly low price.

These pianos have developed their own unique sound and touch precisely because they’ve been played before. In fact, professional musicians, music studios and conservatories often prefer CPI pianos because they’re already “broken in.”

CPI pianos…they come and go quickly. We’re always here to help, so give us a call any time at 212-586-9057 or email info@pianopiano.com if you have any questions or need assistance.

PianoPiano - Kygo at Barclay's Center
Norwegian DJ and Producer Kygo performing on a PianoPIano Weber Baby Grand at Barclay's Centerphoto credit Olav Stubberud