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Our long, global quest for piano perfection is over (hint: we had to get involved in sourcing and manufacture).
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Avery Bond piano

After years of searching for the best piano – the best cabinetry – and the best value –  we can truly say that we’ve found it: AVERY BOND!

Here’s the story: Our General Manager has been going to Asia almost every year since 1965, visiting factories from Japan to China to Korea and beyond. Finally, we have found a well-established company that can make the right piano, from the right materials, in the right cabinetry, with the right touch and tone, to our very tight requirements, all at the right price! Avery Bond is a great piano ideal for beginners, teachers and performers, that is also great to look at, that will fit almost any space, and all at a surprising low price.

We currently have upright pianos in the 43″ continental console and 45″ studio size – silent systems are available in both sizes! Music to our ears!

Avery Bond Pianos

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